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    Welcome to Flamingo TV Web

    Welcome to the Flamingo Television Website. On this website we would like to inform our clients about important events and the status of the upgrades of products and services that Flamingo is performing. We will also keep you informed here about any relevant maintenance or disruptions.

  • Innovations

    Innovations & Upgrades

    We are pleased to announce that we are making fast progress and are coming in the finalizing stage for the following new products and services:

    FTV-DigiTV: Digital TV over Cable;
    FTV-HiDigiTV: High definition TV over Cable;
    FTV-Voip: Voice over IP telephony services;
    FTV-FttX: Fiber to the Business an...

  • Customer Upgrade

    Current Upgrades

    We are pleased to announce that we are upgrading all our customers Free of Charge to double of their internet speed. The majority of our customers should already notice this immediate increase of speed, however in certain areas some changes to existing equipment will be needed to have full benefit of this upgrade.

    Thursday, September 21, 2017
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Our Company

Flamingo Television

Continues to work hard to provide our customers with:

  • High quality Cable Television Products that are based on latest technology;
  • Professional Service and Customer Care;
  • High speed and reliable Internet based products;
  • Competitive rates and quality;

For this we are working hard on several projects of which some are close to completion:

  • Internet Bandwidth Upgrade (FTV-Internet);
  • Fiber to the business and home Infrastructure (FTV-FTTx);
  • Digital Television Premium Channels (FTV-DigiTV);

What we do


Basic Analog Television Channels More... 


FTV- Digital TV

What we doDigital TV Premium Channels More...



What we doBroad Band Internet Services More...



What we doHome/Business Fiber Solutions More...


Video Club


Nos TV Kanal 24 Launched.

Nos TV has recently launched it's programming and is working hard to provide you with local news, educational videos, video clips, governement videos, cultural presentations and a wide variety of events-coverage, spotlight programs, talk-shows, advertisements and productions from the people of Bonaire.  More...





  • 24/11/08 : Upgrade Internet  

    FTV is doubling the internet speed for all clients as of today free of charge. Most clients should experience increase in bandwidth as of today, however in certain areas some changes to equipment might be needed to reach the full benefit of this upgrade.

Please inform our customer service if your area is not experiencing this increase of speed. You can check your internet speed at www.speedtest.net 


  • 19/11/09 : Fiber Project

    Some months ago FTV started with preparations for a fiber network for Fundashon Cas Bonairiano and the Sand Dollar Resort, to be the first customers to obtain and testride FTV's new fiber to the business network and our new products.

These projects will now be completed somewhere in the Month of December 2008 prior to the launch in Q1 of 2009 of the FTV new services for the public. 


  •       Rincon First Fibertrack

    Flamingo Television is working hard to roll out the first fiber track. As part of this FTV will continue extend the fiber network up to Rincon as part of the first areas able to obtain the new FTV services.

As part of this first Fiber Track the following areas will be prepared in Q1 2009: Playa-Hato-Sabadeco-Rincon

Flamingo Television Bonaire

High Quality Digital Television and High Definition TV Launch Announcement
Flamingo Television is proud to announce the successful pilot and testing of our Digital Television Products.

These products which will be branded as FTV-DigiTV and FTV-HiDigiTV are scheduled to be released to the public in Quarter 1 of 2009. These products will be offered next to our traditional basic analogue package, which will also be updated in Quarter 1 2009.

More information about this channel line-up will soon be posted on this website. Stay tuned for more news while we upgrade and renew our services.


Dear Customer,

Flamingo TV now has a new speedtest server.



Upgrade Process FTV

Welcome to the new website of Flamingo Television, we hope to give you as our client updates and information about our (new) products and services via this website,
Flamingo Television has been and still keeps working hard to provide , You, our customer,  with good a set of products and great quality service.  

We will keep you up to date with the latest developments about our new products and services.

Feel free to read more on this website about our recently launched or upgraded products as well as the new products and services that are coming your way soon. More will follow on this website.


Flamingo Television Bonaire B.V. 

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