Flamingo Television delivers the following products:


PRICE US$ 37,00 per Month

Basic Flamingo TV Television Package consisting of a variation of 60 Channels.
FTV is busy extending and improving the basic channel line-up, which will be launched in Q1 2009,
Some important channels that were removed from the line-up will be returning and some great new channels will be added also.
This new Channel Line-up will be released on this website to the public at the end of December 2008.

What we doFTV-DigiTV
Digital TV Premium Channels

PRICE US$ 19,00 per Month

Flamingo TV Premium Channels which include;
  • Movies
  • Sports
  • International
  • Family

What we do


Broadband Cable Internet Service

Flamingo Television offers the following internet packages

Residential - Download speeds up to 5Mbps - Upload speed up to 1Mbps  - US$ 53,50
Business 1 - Download speeds up to 10Mbps - Upload speed up to 2Mbps , network priority - US$ 107,25
Business 2 - Download speeds up to 15Mbps - Upload speed up to 2Mbps , network priority  - US$ 160,75
Business 3Download speeds up to 20Mbps - Upload speed up to 5Mbps , network priority  - US$ 321,75

What we doFTTx Fiber to the Home/Business

Fiber based transport or delivery

Flamingo Television is rolling out a new fiber based infrastructure. Ultimately the entire Island of Bonaire will be connected to this fiber glass based infrastructure. Since transport of video and data on a fiber network is done by light, there is no signal loss on this network. This results in better stability, better quality picture, possibilities for high quality digital and high definition television and very high and reliable speed internet.
In common deployments from the fiber network a connection is made using existing coax cabling to homes or businesses. However using special equipment it is possible to bring fiber straight in to the house or business thus making a direct, speed of light based connection with the Flamingo Television Headend.

Should you be interested in subscribring for direct Fiber to the home or business solutions please get in contact with our customer service for an appointment.

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